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Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya (Official)

Sexually arousing poems. Erotica - Poetry - 'Smut' Stories.

Sexually arousing poems

I need to cum. He just couldn't tear his eyes away from his mother as her shapely breasts heaved higher and higher into the night, and her hips thrust upward, then pulled down sharply as her moans and the slurping, slap-slap noises from her little blue friend filled the room. Her face blushes red from the sexual display of her hand. The reality will simply hurt too much. I start to feel the hardness in my pant and I can only imagine what Paul is feeling and thinking now. Strangely, she flushed with pride, her son was larger than average. The latter were rare in European art from the Medieval period until the latter half of the s; in the interim, a work featuring an unclothed woman would routinely identify her as " Venus " or another Greco-Roman goddess, to justify her nudity. She breathes heavily and then I hear her dirty whispers. I heard him return as the bedroom door squeaked. Your pussy is absolutely gushing because you are imagining other men fucking you.

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    I have always had this fantasy.


    You can read about it in 'Exposing Cindy - Mistress Sarah'.


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    He kissed me and undressed me, leaving me wearing only my sheer, white bra and panties.