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In the end, Ava apparently taking the attitude of Just a Human leaves them both behind to die. Either way, there was no foreshadowing or explanation given for how or why the program would behave in such a way. And Caleb's expression when Ava leaves the compound, and it's clear she doesn't intend to leave with him. Despite the fact that Nathan's Turing Test of Ava was explicitly to see whether she could convince Caleb to help her escape, he had absolutely no contingency in place to stop her when she actually DID manage to get out of her room. Caleb falls in love with Ava and is willing to risk everything to rescue her within days of meeting her. Pretty much my reaction. For some Game Masters , this is going to happen eventually. Instead she leaves him trapped in Nathan's compound - presumably till he eventually dies. In the Grand Finale Journey's End arc, completely out of the blue, the Mask of Life creates a mystical set of Golden Armor for Tahu, which is capable of annihilating every single Rahkshi soldier and gaining all their abilities. Bach's The Stoned Guest.

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    But its challenging conclusion could be a hard sell.


    This is augmented even more with her ability to read micro-expressions and her form being that of an attractive young female intentionally designed around Caleb's preferences. This would have kept Ava in her room, except Caleb suspected Nathan was still watching during the power outages he was right , and did the legwork the night before, letting Ava get out.


    Additionally, her arms are worked to the bone.


    Caleb has multiple possible meanings in Hebrew- from "dog", which fits how he is almost Nathan's "pet" to "as if it understands" which fits how he apparently understands Ava's "emotions", to "a basket or a cage with contents" which mirrors his subject Ava's caged status and his own state at the end of the movie. But eventually folks will long for a real person.