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It is unknown if the sentences were implemented. Freedom of religion[ edit ] Main article: Stoning is a legal punishment in Qatar, although it has never been used. Hamad International Airport Moschee: Slavery[ edit ] According to the US State Department , expatriate workers from nations throughout Asia and parts of Africa are routinely subjected to forced labor and, in some instances, prostitution. Die Moschee befindet sich im traditionellen Souq Waqif. The outbreak of popular uprisings against many of the entrenched regimes of the Middle East in see Arab Spring provided new opportunities for Qatar to shape events in the region. Some individuals after resigning have not been issued with their exit permits, denying them their basic right to leave the country. Although abandoning Islam is considered apostasy , which is an offense subject to the death penalty, Qatar has not imposed any penalty for this offense since its independence in These agreements were formalized in late , and Qatar became the headquarters for American and allied military operations in Iraq the following year.

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    In some cases in Sharia-based family courts , a female's testimony is worth half a man's and in some cases a female witness is not accepted at all.


    In addition, Qatar will work to strengthen national regulations and practices, employers and workers to realize fundamental principles and rights at work, in line with international labour standards.


    LGBT rights in Qatar Sodomy between consenting male adults in Qatar is illegal, and subject to a sentence of up to five years in prison. Qatar has banned the employment of Egyptians since , when the government claimed that Egypt was involved in an unsuccessful coup.


    Satellite television transmissions from outside the country are easily accessible through local providers, and Qatar receives radio broadcasts from the neighbouring gulf states and from such international broadcasters as the BBC World Service.


    Es handelt sich dabei um das erste christliche Gotteshaus im Land seit den islamischen Eroberungen. The ambassadors were reinstated in November after Qatar showed a willingness to distance itself slightly from the Muslim Brotherhood and reconcile with the new government of Egypt led by Pres.


    In many cases, the child isn't affected, but any children that he has might not enjoy the same rights of nationality, citizenship, abode, etc.