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Video about constipation and sex:

Anal Sex Safety and Health Concerns

Constipation and sex. Constipation.

Constipation and sex

One of the mechanisms that inflates the cushions is when you increase the pressure inside the abdomen by contracting the muscles in it — by straining. Your diet is a much more important factor for most cases of constipation. Around this is a mass of spongy blood vessels, the hemorrhoidal cushions. Dulcolax is specifically for this purpose. More water in the stool equals softer, more easily passed motions and less constipation, but could also alter the balance of water in your body with unpredictable results. Any kind of whole food — something that you can recognize as coming from the earth — will help get your intestines on track. Eating real oatmeal with fruit for breakfast is a great habit to start. Diet and drugs can affect muscles and nerves, and hence can cause constipation and diarrhea Although many diseases can affect either of these systems, the most common way you will affect muscles and nerves in your gut is with drugs, either deliberately when you are taking prescribed ones or without realizing it when you eat or drink certain foods. These pills are bad, bad news. Get your clock out.

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    So if there is no end in sight to your suffering, try this or one of these quick fix cures, and get busy on long-term solutions below. About Your Privacy on this Site Welcome!


    You want that action to happen in your stomach or intestines, not your mouth. If you have some kind of disease or digestive disorder, please talk to your doctor, chiropractor or a naturopathic physician.


    Be sure there is nothing in the way between you and that porcelain throne:


    Think of her or him as a Doula for your bowels.


    Even if you speed it up by abusing laxatives, this is really ineffective and if you continue, you will get horrible, painful, ugly, icky hemorrhoids.


    Usually the person performing the colon cleanse is a very nice, earthy person. Treating constipation with bulking agents Bulking agents e.


    This also applies if you are concerned about your ostomy, if you just had surgery and were given a shot of pain killers or are recovering from anesthesia. Foods with probiotics are cultured or fermented foods where beneficial bacteria has been allowed to grow.