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Behind the scenes sex. Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes sex

Back when any book with the words "James Bond" on the cover would automatically sell a crap-ton of copies, the world saw the release of Moore's diaries from the set of Live And Let Die. Potato Head as Mr. For starters, the book is full of details that are decidedly not about what it's like to make a James Bond movie. In fact, even though he shared many scenes with Mr. In the original script, she defeats Mr. Continue Reading Below Advertisement At this point, there was no final script, so Sting's writing songs based only on an outline, making him feel like "a minion. A lot of movie sets devolve into metaphorical dick-measuring contests, but here things got disquietingly literal. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Moore is not really known for being a published author, but he totally was. In an on-set interview with George Clooney, he recounts the rumor after mentioning that he "asked for a bigger package" -- but concedes that he got "a nice ass. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Still, this was less offensive than the same producer's on-set behavior, which included shouting the n-word: Sting fired off an angry letter beginning with "Gentlemen, when you have achieved genuine human values, you don't need a theme park or a water slide.

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    Before rolling, he would remind everyone that they were making a "cartoon.


    Sting is so upset he has to go to the Himalayas to unwind. A lot of movie sets devolve into metaphorical dick-measuring contests, but here things got disquietingly literal.


    The owner was actually Sean Connery in disguise.


    Pan Unfortunately, it's impossible to find a copy that isn't cracked.


    And, of course, there's a bit about the terrible original costume, worn by a then-unknown Jean-Claude Van Damme. After seeing an early cut of the movie that ends with the prince building a palace with a kick-ass waterslide


    It all began with a sense of optimism, because the "sky was the limit" after the success of Batman Forever. That's like stapling together Daniel Radcliffe's grocery lists and calling it a new Harry Potter book.